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ADAMS Automobile i. Gr.

We are planning to build a modern and 
innovative automobile factory in Saarland for the production of
limited, high performance and environmentally friendly
hydrogen hyper-luxury sports cars with very efficient
methanol fuel cell system and battery system.

Power up to 2.738 hp, speed up to 398 km/h
Acceleration 0-100 km/h up to 1,85 seconds,
Ranges up to 1800 km and more

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Our innovative
Hyper-luxury SUV-Coupés
with high ground clearance and a high seating position,
with full battery powertrain systems and additional
environmentally friendly methanol fuel cell powertrain systems for
- very high performance
- very high ranges
- very high speeds
- very fast accelerations
- very high flexibility of vehicle use,
with excellent design and very efficient technology
- very good all-round visibility
- very good travel comfort

The hyper-luxury SUV coupés offer due to
the higher seating position and very good
all-round visibility a significantly better safety.

In addition, we goal due to the
6-fold speed wheel drive
significant advantages such as:
- significantly better grip on snow,
ice, wet road and unpaved ground
- significantly better acceleration behavior on
 dry, wet, slippery or unpaved roads
- significantly better vehicle weight distribution on 6 wheels
- significantly higher lateral forces can be realised
- significantly higher torques can be transmitted

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